Give credit where it’s due.

If you want to understand what’s happening along each marketing channel and how it’s influencing your audience, you need to build an attribution model. After all, what good is generating leads if you can’t duplicate “success” because you don’t know where it came from?

Reel in fish once they bite.

Capture the leads you do get. Sure, it sounds obvious. But you wouldn’t believe how often people ignore the obvious.1

Content is king. And queen. And prince.

Offer curated, edited and original content. The kind of content your audience can’t get anyplace else. That’s what makes it valuable to them.2

Make sure your exclusive content can only be accessed by providing an email address.

Nothing’s free in life. That being said, there are few things that are less costly to prospects (but of great value to you) than their email address.

Row in the same direction.

Integrate your Customer Relationship Management platform with your paid and earned media platforms, so all of your boats are rowing in the same direction.

  1. Companies that don’t regularly maintain their databases see 34% lower conversion rates than those that do. (Dun & Bradstreet/NetProspex)

  2. 73% of marketers say their strategy includes a plan to operate content marketing as an ongoing business process, not simply a campaign. (Content Marketing Institute)

    80% of marketers cite the goal of their content marketing to be Lead Generation, 79% Brand Awareness, 71% Engagement, 66% Lead Nurturing, 62% Sales, and 56% Cusomter Retention/Loyalty.