The Gate specializes in handling clients that market complicated, hard to explain, define and differentiate products and services that take thoughtful analysis and scrutiny before purchase.

Our clients don’t market superficial, disposable products like shampoo or toothpaste. They market fixed income products and $10,000 mattresses and ETFs and $450 robotic vacuums and energy efficiency programs and career certifications and auto insurance. For products like these, if consumers buy the wrong product, it matters. It matters to their pocketbook. It matters to their company’s success. It matters to their career success.

These are complex, expensive, considered purchase products and services.

For clients like these, there are no consumers or buyers. There are only “considerers”: potential buyers who can be persuaded to consider your product or service at least once until you prove yourself or until they discover a better option.

Considerers need to be treated differently. They are better educated about what is possible, what is available and what a good product or service is and what it isn’t. They have high standards. They don’t succumb to fluff or obfuscation. Communications need to be smarter, more thoughtful and more insightful.

Because of our clients, The Gate has never had a simple assignment. We’ve dealt with arcane regulatory issues, highly segmented targets, impenetrable technical specs, integrated international campaigns and multi point decision-making. Tackling the hard stuff has made us masters of finding the simple truth that cuts through complexity and gets buyers to seriously consider your product.

If you think that all agencies could be put into neat buckets like big and small or B2B and B2C, we’d like you to consider a new bucket:  an agency that makes considered purchases worth considering.

The Gate is an international advertising agency that makes considered purchase products worth considering.

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